Rules on stronger oversight issued by Party

The Communist Party of China Central Committee published a document strengthening the inspection on the implementation of the Party’s work at all levels to ensure enforcement of policies from the top, Xinhua News Agency reported on Monday.

Party organizations at all levels should make sure the policies are fully implemented, the document said.

Inspection work will be strengthened to ensure their implementation, it said.

During the process, inspectors should focus on problems and focus on the truth. They should assess performance justly and objectively.

Measures such as on-site investigations, unannounced visits and random checks will be employed to discover and solve problems, according to the document.

Once the problems are found, the areas, departments and institutions concerned should rectify the issues in a timely manner and learn lessons from the mistakes accordingly.

At those found to have severe problems, the supervisors can question the individuals in charge.

The document also noted that the results of supervision and inspections can be released to the media for public scrutiny. The results will also be included in the annual reviews of the leaders in the related areas, departments and institutions.

The document stressed that the authority will strengthen the accountability of the inspection work. In cases where subjects don’t report truthfully or block investigations, the authority will punish those responsible according to Party regulations.

The authority will make efforts to build the inspection team. The related training will be included in the plan, as well, according to the document.